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The first time I remember being taught, I remember imagining how I might teach. As I’ve developed my skills, working or playing, I’ve taught myself continuously how to become conscious of the points of each task, and imagined improvements of the act and its teaching.

From this practice I began (and continually redevelop) my actions as a teacher.

Student News | 2012-today

Mark W. landed a teaching gig at OSU; props off the top for this long-deserved work - bests looking for the next opp!
Makiko K. showed at OZASAHAYASHI KYOTO and had a residency at Westfjords
Keisuke is/was working at Hiromi Yoshii, Tokyo - what's new sir?
Salah E.A. completed his MFA in Photography at RIT.
Sam E. completed his MA in Art History at FSU and his PhD at Harvard.
Joshua M. is Photo Head at St. Andrew's School, DE.
JD M. keeps laying down tight ones across the planet - every utterance an event.

Chris G. died in 2018. I will forever miss his comforting severity, brilliance, and humanity. Thank you dear friend.