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Originally from Minnesota, Glenn Herbert Davis is a function-fiction maker and repairman in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His work is primarily focused on issues of the individual human body and the (contrived) systems to which it is subject; with ongoing interests in: the perversion of knowledge through its descent and its display; physical labor / craft as locus of both skill and strife; the institution; function and utility; valuation; and (the) "other". Davis explores his topics through highly-divergent media -- currently large-scale installations interweaving wooden buildings, furniture and functional implements with performance, (actions, sound, and spoken word), still and moving imagery, specialty books, sediments, and bric-a-brac.

Davis was Gallery Director and taught at the University of Tulsa, Ohio University and Iowa State University, and was Lead Preparator and Operations Manager of Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis. He was a Concept/Ok Focus Selected Artist in 2016, and a Concept/Ok Survey; Award of Merit recipient in 2013. Davis was the recipient of Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Fellowships in 2010 and 2006, an Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Project Grant in 2010, a Jerome Foundation Artist Grant in 1998, and a Jerome Installation Art Commission in 1996. Davis currently works as a BMU technician for Alimak Group, (frequently looking through the windows of skyscrapers) and teaches for La Salle University, Philadephia. He resides “thirteen miles south” in Southwest Tulsa with his gal, their gals at 20 and 8, and four two none ten three dogs enduring eleven seven six two three four three two one cat/s.

Living Arts, March 2008