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Courses Taught

Photography I
[Tulsa, Art 2153, Iowa, ArtIs 229]
Taught F 2001, F/S 2003 –2009
A contemporary exploration of photography as cultural and personal phenomenon. Involves projects in basic photographic processes and practices including conventional black & white negative and digital imaging; single / multiple image production; and the opportunities of remote collection. Emphasis on the redundancy of the photographic and in the development of student-directed content. Involved critique and readings.

Photography II Traditional;
Exposure, Light and The Contrived Image

[Tulsa, Art 3313] Taught Spring 2004 – 2008,
Fall 2009
An intensive intermediate study of photographic content, exacting exposure – development, and the relevancies of light. Projects employ black & white and color negative materials output using traditional fiber printing and large-format inkjet printers. Includes field and studio lighting instruction. Emphasis on the photograph as constructed / contrived image and in the development of involved student-directed content. Intensive critique and readings.

Photography II Digital;
The Seemingly Still and the Falsely Moving

[Tulsa, Art 3323] Taught Fall 2004 – 2008
A rigorous investigation of still and moving digital images, both silent and sounding, on screen and in print. Includes instruction and exercise in the intermediate to advanced use of Adobe Photoshop, Apple's Final Cut Pro and varied utility and publication software. Emphasis on the digital image as both unique and ever-changing. Further emphasis in the development of involved student-directed content. Intensive critique and readings.

Use of the Photograph
[Tulsa, Art 4323/6323]
Taught Fall 2003 & 2005, Spring 2009
An exploration of contemporary possibilities for the photograph using the structural study of recognized contexts as a departure point. This course utilizes refined problems in an effort to identify and exploit useful distinctions between the photographic image and all other factors which affect its impact. Emphasis on innovative and personalized approaches and in the development of highly involved student-directed content. Highly intensive critique and readings. (Undergraduate / Graduate)

Open Media
[Tulsa, Art 4153, Iowa, ArtIs 305/505, 306/506]
Taught F2000, S/F 2001 (2X), S2002 (2X), F2007
3D Mixed Media, 2D Mixed Media*, Mixed Media
An evolving undergraduate (and graduate) course incorporating any/all available media and techniques, supported by appropriate ideas and concepts. This course stresses individuality, discussion and production, employing both the intuitive process and the more structured processes typical of contracting, manufacturing and advertising. *2D Mixed Media was a one-time specialty course which included projects designed more specifically to engage the presumed demarcations between the 2nd and 3rd dimensions.

Student Directed Projects
[Tulsa, Art 4523 / 6523]
Taught Spring 2004 – 2008, 2010
Studio-based examination of the artists relationship to the authority and established standards of the creative fields. Students engage in a creative inquiry of their own design, supported by research, experimentation, planning and production. Instructor and student group form an atelier and act as secondary assistants and critics to each students' efforts. Emphasis solely on the highly involved development of student-directed creative inquiry including the management of criticism and reception. Highly intensive critique and readings. (Undergraduate / Graduate)

Practicum / Senior Seminar
[Tulsa, Art 4973, Ohio, Art 496]
Taught F2002, F/S 2004 & 2005, S 2006 – 2010
A senior seminar in professional practices stressing the portfolio and related text(s) as advertisement in the process of creating opportunities. This course covers a gamut of the practical and theoretical concerns facing the near-graduate; including typical artist articulations, business practices and taxes, professional interactions, and varied philosophies of artistic success. Course projects develop through intensive peer and instructor review and collaboration. (Undergraduate / Graduate)

Interdisciplinary Seminar
[Tulsa, Art 7973, Ohio, Art 601]
Taught Winter 2003, Fall 2004 & 2007
A primer in the rigors of creation without the padding of artisanship. Course operates through a regiment of involved self-studies intended to more accurately correlate issue, intention and satisfaction with method, material, execution, and result(s). Highly intensive critique, readings, and writing projects. (Graduate)

Critique and Teaching / Photography
[Tulsa, Art 7173-9]
Taught Fall 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008
Graduate level coursework combining the regiments of individually directed studio practice, group critique; and seminars and projects in college-level teaching. This course seeks a blend of the two often disparate realms of studio and teaching by encouraging students to utilize the peculiar specifics of their studio practice in the classroom through proactive project, course and curricula design. Includes frank discussions of all aspects of the teaching experience.

Studio Concepts
[Ohio, Art 211]
Taught Winter 2003
An undergraduate studio course with an emphasis on the conceptual activity of art making.

Photo III (Digital)
[Ohio, Art 283]
Taught Fall 2002 (2X)
A pre-major photography course melding the mechanical, aesthetic, and conceptual uses of the digital process, featuring extensive instruction in Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and 6. Coursework introduces students to the process of unifying image, media, media condition, and viewing context.

Visual Foundations I, 2D Design
[Iowa, Art 108]
Taught Fall 2000 & 2001 (2X Each)
An introductory 2D design course for pre-majors. Includes exercises in context, real space and time, and discussions of originality.

Visual Foundations II, 3D Design
[Tulsa, Art 1193, Iowa, Art 109]
Taught Spring 2001, 2002 (2X Each), 2010, Summer 2001
Second part of the design pre-major sequence. Includes practical exercises in materials-led design, spatial practices and emphasis on destruction as inherent partner of creation.

Independent Study
[Tulsa, Art 3/4/6993, Iowa, ArtIs 590]
Average 1 per semester
Collaborative "contract" studies involving student-led, concept-driven projects in varied media. (Undergraduate / Graduate)

Online Courses Taught; The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Introduction to Design Applications [G150]
An introduction to current, industry-related graphic design software used in digital illustration, photographic manipulation, and page layout.

Introduction to Photojournalism [PH133]
An introduction to standard journalistic image production methods; ethical considerations; using pictures to tell stories and develop themes.

Photographic Design [PH135]
An introduction to the communication of ideas through photography. Students analyze the characteristics and purposes of photographic technique and pursue effective communications through deliberate photographic choices and creative approaches including symbolism.

Lighting [PH136]
An introduction to the base concepts and principles of lighting for photography. Covers the fundamentals of recognizing and controlling both natural and continuous studio lighting with emphasis on exposure practices and light quality, ratio, and direction and their effect on the photographic image.

Studio Photography [PH212]
An introduction to strobe lighting and the enhanced studio environment. Continues the study of recognizing and controlling light through intermediate-level problems in light design, light mixing, and manual photographic controls. Emphasis on calculated photographic choices and the deliberate production of cohesive imagery.

Editorial Photography [PH231]
An introduction to location style portraiture and lighting techniques used in the editorial field.