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glenn herbert davis


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principal documentation by the artist,
with additional photography / video by:

Lance Caleb Miller
Diana C. Kendrick
Mark Audacity Romberg
Tom Payne
Carl Shortt
Shane Brown
Steve Liggett
Joshua Mars
Nicki Wood
Jeff Whitlatch
Xavier Sagel
Ja'Nice Mitchell

collaborative appearances / photography by:

Linda Jean Davis
Jenny Lee Peterson
Georganna Orton
Jill Schroeder
Sara Bowersock
Stacy Siegner
Connie J. Lee
Drew Mosher
Adam Hall
Shannon Nixon
Rollin Marquette
Amanda Eccles
Laura Demiola
Didier Ruef
Lindsay McCarty
Katie Allen

collaborative fabrication / tech / labor by:

Tyler Cooney
Mark D. Wittig
Richard Herzog
JD McPherson, Jr.
Steve Williams
Russell Anderson
Lance C. Miller

continuous thanks to my Family and Friends, and to their work:

Davis Mechanical Systems
Portico Dance Theatre
Johan Sterner
Gerald Newton
Ray Katz
Jimmy Fike
James Thurman