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the old white man will die

i am an o.s. worker, successful, grateful and not ignorant.
we have worked for it but others have not yet had that luxury.
pissoff ignoramuses we-others are not at all misled.



even an old man such as I has lived near my whole life with this in place; 'twas a step off the throats.

so back on it fully again we are; thanks to your denial of our very being animal.

religion is an enslaving anchor that will mindlessly drown the lot at the bot tom of the warmed & risen sea you also deny, even as it is up to your apples.

we were made by the universe and will only die and go back to the murk
and that couldn't be more perfect

fyi most of us are not racing to the grave but wish to live at least clothed, fed, housed, med; as free as possible then die in our own time.

i am sorry that I have been of such little help in evading this (current)end and

f you to all who have made it


sick of you grohl bono billionares
and even greater we lack dylan and paul et al
we need your asses. no thanks for our financing of "you"
some heeled by others and some of them dead, john was god. from where i sit
you are those remaining who could but don't
congratulations. drumpf loves it

thankful for womyn
finally their opp and ultimately they'll right

tho it'll take a while
to step on monz throats

and I'll applaud from my grave