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Hardesty Arts Center
Tulsa, OK

December 2012


...a dry-docked specimen of the small, specific-use utility structures that populate the American landscape; structures whose characteristics seem so deliberate yet so foreign; leaving us to decipher their initial purpose using minor resemblances, materials, age, and craft. Through these signs, we (re)construct a necessary, speculative purpose.

11 foot two inch tall by 13 foot five inch long and 5 foot eleven inch wide

Common and salvaged lumber ripped /bare, screwed, nailed and bolted; 25 dollar 55 gallon steel barrels ratchet strapped and crutched with a beefed trailer jack; Brand new galvanized roofing short-screwed with half inch self-piercing hex-heads my father left me a bag of; Sticks, from a Weeping Willow that fell in my back yard yet killt no cats, banded with Ash and Oak sticks that rain every time the wind has blown since the '07 '08 ice storms; toss in some concrete block, a small stack of blank paper, a red hazard flag and some dirt and that's it.

Part of the group exhibit, Concept/OK
Curated by Liza Statton

Award of Merit (1 of 3)

Documentation by Carl Shortt

Special thanks to Julia Kirt, Kathy McRuiz and Andrew Storie, Heather Clark Hilliard et al, and Michael Butters