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VALUE | 2014 | performance | press

Myers Gallery / Living Arts of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK
January 2014

Installation and Performance(s)

VALUE was an immersive-subversive environment comprised of low-cost, high-value materials. It arose from the specifics of the gallery space. It combined and morphed material handling, housing, entertainment, and religious forms; the loading dock and the semi-trailer, a Monopoly house form, doors, the LCD, and a Protestant / cubic cross.

Always maintain a containment area under negative pressure.

Exhaust fans to outdoors and ensure that adequate makeup air is provided. If the containment is working, the polyethylene sheeting should billow inwards on all surfaces. If it flutters or billows outward, containment has been lost, and you should find and correct the problem before continuing your remediation activities.


Text-message directed dancers; to locations within and without.

An attempt to lift the roof off with 200 white balloons, and one red one.

Glenn, Portico dancers, and Kelsey Clark.


Part of New Genre Festival XXI

Documentation by Shun Manabe, Tom Payne, Mery McNett, and the artist.

Special thanks to Preston Robert [life-saving] and Steve Liggett.
Additional thanks to Samuel Ewing and Mark Wittig.